Madame | About Madame De Pompadour
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Madame De Pompadour was founded in 2010 by Nicole Raidman, an Israeli socialite who is known by her bold taste, captivating personality and TV activities. Born in 1986 at Odessa, Raidman immigrated to Israel in 1996 alongside her close family members. Her fascinating character and business savvy have made her one of the most remarkable women in Israel, both in the fashion and entertainment industries. Raidman started her independent career at a very young age, by the age of 18 have already opened her own production and advertising agency, which specialised in fashion and luxury events. In her resume many outstanding projects, such as the most expensive and luxurious wedding in the history of the state of Israel. In the year of 2010, Raidman took a surprising turn in her career and decided to follow her dreams by opening her own boutique and influence the high-end fashion scene in Israel. 
Choosing the most prestige location for luxury goods in Tel-Aviv, Kikar Hamedina. Nicole Raidman was the first to launch a 580 square meters store inspired by 17th century interior design. The boutique is spread over three floors and presents a corner for each designer. The ground floor is dedicated to Ready-To-Wear pieces and casual wear, whereas on the top floor the boutique offers a range of evening gowns and couture pieces. The lower ground floor’s visual merchandising gathers a wide range of accessories: shoes, bags and jewellery.
For all fashion lovers, Madame de Pompadour is the embodiment of entering to a wardrobe-heaven. Luxurious design, French classic touch, highly professional staff and a bold selection of items, combining fashion forward pieces alongside timeless pieces.